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Case Presentation

Is sometimes the difference between success and failure

We are a specialist mortgage advice service that will build and present the best possible case for a mortgage to lenders, on behalf of your clients. This means you will receive high completion rates and competitive products for your clients, whilst saving time for yourself. We have been carrying out this service for over 20 years and therefore have unrivalled experience dealing with clients and lenders, especially in difficult and complicated circumstances.

Below are some of the services we will undertake for you:

We complete the AIP

Not only will we complete the AIP for you, but should it decline, we will give you alternative products and lenders utilising our research and placement option

We can liaise with your Clients

Our Administrators can liaise directly with your clients obtaining the documents required, saving you time and letting you concentrate on new cases. Should you wish us to do this, please advise on case submission

Documents are forwarded to you

All client documents are forwarded to you to be returned to them, so your files are completed

Cases underwritten within 24hrs

This Department contains some of our most able and experienced staff, working with lenders they have dealt with for many years and developed an excellent understanding and relationship. Cases are underwritten within 24 hours with details of requirements emailed to you

Managed through to offer

The case is managed through to offer by liaising with you and the Lender, subsequently passing to our Legal Completion Manager for the final part of the journey

Cradle to grave service

You are employing literally hundreds of years’ experience in a true cradle to grave service

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Here's how it works

We do all the administration, you retain control

1. Lender Requirements

A list of documents required will be produced within 24 hours and emailed directly to you

2. Documents received

Should further documents or information be required we will contact you

3. Presentation

Fully packaged case submitted to lender, laid out to achieve success 

4. Offer obtained

Case passes to our Legal Manager to effect completion

5. Fees Collected
We collect all your fees and forward within 48 hours 
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