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Pure Packaging

Access to specialist lender s at no cost to Broker or Client

What is Pure Packaging?

✓ No up front fees – Lender valuation and booking fees only
 No completion fees – only the fee charged by Broker
✓ No compliance issues – Client only pays the lender fee they would be charged directly – Manor income all from lender

Why is it free?

✓ No placement required
 Lender and product already sourced by Broker
✓ Lender pays us to package

Why use?

✓ Saves you time 
✓ Reduces administration burden
✓ Increases success rate
✓ Procuration fees paid within 48 hours
✓ Less work with better completion rates
 We collect and pay your fees being charged


Why is this Packaging route better?

 Better service
✓ Experienced Underwriters
✓ Better problem resolutions
✓ Completion team
✓ Exclusive products and criteria

With hundreds of years’ mortgage experience to handle your case from AIP to completion available, at no extra cost, you would need to be completely mad to do it yourself

Manor Mortgage Solutions